Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Our adventure begins as we depart Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor and travel 3 miles out to sea. On the way we’ll see a breathtaking view of the north shore coastline, spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, flying fish, and in the winter months, the famous Alaskan humpback whales. Once at the shark diving cage, the sharks will rise from the depths to greet you. This thrilling experience, the first and finest in Hawaii, will change your life and profoundly affect your feelings toward sharks in Hawaii.

We operate shark cage diving daily except Christmas Day and require you to check in 30 minutes prior to your tour start time. Total time from check-in to completion is approximately 2 hours. We drop the cage into the water up to 3 times per tour for about 20 minutes each drop. Each shark cage passenger gets to experience 1 drop.

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Shark Cage Dive

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