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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Hawaii Helicopter Tours

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Hawaii has the most amazing historical landmarks and enchanting scenery.

Aerial views unrivaled in the world.  Gaze upon astonishing waterfalls, Volcanoes, Pearl Harbor and more...

Our Hawaii Helicopter Tours have two types of helicopters: the Robinson, R-44, which is the 3-passenger bubble-helicopter with the big glass picture windows, and also the Bell Helicopter, which is the 4-passenger Jet Ranger (with the jet-engine motor)- you can take the doors off the Bell, or leave them on!!  The Bell is the News Channel 8 Helicopter as provided by Genesis.

Both Helicopters offer the same Circle-Island Tour, known as the "Sacred 60," because we focus on Sacred Falls Waterfall as our main attraction.  We go out about 5 times per day, and FREE Pick-up at Hotels in Waikiki or near airport with our brand new, Air-Conditioned Vans.  Roundtrip, including the transportation to and from the hotel will take about 3 hours.

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A-1 Helicopters launches over by the Honolulu International Airport, by Hickam Air Force Base, and goes out in front of the Waikiki Beaches and Hotels, Diamondhead Crater, Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach, Blow Hole, Waimanalo Bay, Kailua Bay and Lanikai- the White Sand Beaches, Rabbit Island, Kua Loa Valley- where the Famous Movies have been filmed like Windtalkers and Jurassic Park 3, then a bunch of Waterfalls on our way over to Sacred Falls Waterfall- a huge Waterfall amidst all the beautiful mountains on the North Shore, then all the famous North Shore Beaches of Sunset, Waimea, Pipeline, Haleiwa, then the Dole Pinapple Plantation, which looks like a human maze from up top, then across the vast landscape of the Oahu Island, the over to Pearl Harbor (my favorite spot), then back around to the airport, where you get to see all the different types of airplanes and Helicopters in the hangers over there.  Very informative and professional tour.  A-1 guarantees this Helicopter Tour will make your trip while you are here!!  

24 months and older will be strapped in and pay as an adult, under 24 months can go for FREE.  Dont forget to bring your cameras!!  You will be able to take enough pictures to make calenders out of that will last you the rest of your life!! =).  Remember if you take the Bell, and take the doors off, that you dress warmly with long pants, covered shoes, and bring a light jacket or sweatshirt, because it does get colder up in the higher elevations.

A-1 also offers a  45-minute flight is only $195 per person, including taxes and gas fee. On the 45-minute flight, with the Bell-Helicopter, we offer the Lanikai Tour, where you will see the white sand beaches of Lani Kai and Kailua, a smaller Waterfall in Nuuanu, then Pearl Harbor, and then back around to the airport. Or, on the R-44 Robinson, on the 45-minute tour, you will still get to see Sacred Falls Waterfall, Pearl Harbor, then back around to the airport.

Keep in mind, however, that for a few more dollars,  you will be able to see the entire island, including all the famous North Shore Beaches!!  Aloha and Mahalo, and enjoy your trip!!!

A-1 guarantees your safety, guarantees the best deals, and guarantees to make your trip while you are here!!  Contact Us at 1-808-457-2991 to book your reservation today!!

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